Not been before? No worries, here is a list of what to bring.

  1. Running gear (long pants and/or long socks are good idea!).
  2. Jogging shoes. Trail shoes are best, but not essential.
  3. Extra set of dry clothes for after the run (shorts/t-shirt).
  4. Extra set of shoes or slippers for after the run.
  5. Plastic bags to hold the dirty stuff.
  6. Water to wash with (there is usually plenty around to share).
  7. “OFF” insect repellant by Johnson Wax or other “bug juice”.
  8. A bag to hold the spare clothes (can be left securely at the run site).
  9. Guest Fees & Money for the On On (food after the run).
  10. You might want to bring $10 in case you get lost and need to get a taxi back to the run site.

Basically you will be running and will get very sweaty in the Singapore heat, so you need a change of clothes for after the run. After the run, people socialise and cool down with some refreshments, eventually get changed and then have a laugh in the “circle” for a while. After that it is either food on site or at a nearby coffee shop – all very relaxed.

The “Circle”